The Editorial board (sometimes known as an advisory board) typically consists of a group of prominent people in the journal’s field. Having an editorial board is very important: they act as ambassadors for journals.


Honorary Editor in Chief

Sabine, Université de Strasbourg, Spain

Editor in Chief

  •  Leo Paul, Montpellier Business School, Spain


Associate Editors

  • Britzelmaier, Bernd, Pforzheim University, Germany

  • Hoy, Frank, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

  • Kaufmann, Hans Rüdiger, University of Applied Management Studies Mannheim and University of Nicosia, Germany

  • Mueller, Jens, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Ramadani, Veland, South-East European University, Macedonia, F.Y.R


Editorial board members


W Pedrycz (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)
D Stork (Rambus Inc., USA)
Y Takefuji (Keio Univ., Japan)
C Torras (CSIC-UPC, Spain)
I B Turksen (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
L Wang (Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore)

S Wermter (Univ. of Hamburg, Germany)

S Yang (Univ. of Guelph, Canada)

X Yao (Univ. of Birmingham, UK

L Zadeh (Univ. of California, USA)

J Zurada (Univ. of Louisville, Louisville)

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